Economy reason

  1. Climate changes are the main concern and regularly raise in Oil prices moreover the approaching exhaustion of oil reserves the concerns are starting to grow, followed by the question: "Now what?". The answer is simple and is above us. The sun – an endless energy source and an alternative to the current production of electricity. The sun is the only source needed for the production of electricity using photovoltaic panels, and these services are for free.
  2. The solar power plant is a great investment. In many countries worldwide it’s been supported with FiT(feed in tariff) or in other words guaranteed purchase of electricity. Compared to other alternative sources of energy, photovoltaic has higher redemption prices
  3. The PV can be permitted and installed faster than other traditional or renewable power plants.
  4. Photovoltaic systems are safe and highly reliable. The estimated lifetime of photovoltaic panels is 30 years. The panels retain output power for long time and the manufactures usually define their guarantee in a way that in 25 years the output power of panels doesn´t fall under 80% of the original output.

Ecology reason

  1. By adding photovoltaic solar panels to Business, people can reduce their carbon footprint and increase their energy independence.
  2. Photovoltaic systems can be mounted on roofs and other scattered sites, they have minimal or no impact on land use or the ecology of sites
  3. Can be placed in virtually every geographical region because the sun is available everywhere
  4. Photovoltaic power plan doesn´t produce any noise, harmful emission or polluting gases, and even actively contributes to reducing the negative of global warming.

Social reason

  1. Photovoltaic create new employment and fresh business opportunities for city inhabitants.
  2. Their presence in an area also raises social awareness about sustainability, energy saving and the importance of environmental protection
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